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What We Do

Doug Constable Group

Meet Our Founder - Doug Constable

Doug Constable is a business consultant and coach with five decade’s experience guiding businesses from inception to success and assisting struggling companies find their feet again.

Down-to-earth and refreshingly free of ‘consultant speak’, Doug specialises in diagnosing complex business problems and providing clear, fact-based, practical solutions. Leading a team of business area experts, Doug acts as the orchestra conductor – bringing together the right mix of expertise and skill to activate strategy and enable change.

Doug is driven by a passion to see businesses reach their full potential. Coupling his wealth of unique insights with a genuine empathy for business leaders, Doug applies proven strategies to help businesses clarify their goals, unblock barriers to growth and get the resources they need to level-up.

Along with leading Review Business Solutions, Doug is a recognised author and thought leader in the field of personal and business debt. With equal measures of common sense, sensitivity and sound advice, Doug guides individuals and businesses going through bankruptcy or insolvency and helps them find a fresh start.

Our Values

Together, We Win

We’re not simply boardroom operators, dishing out insight without doing the hard-yards. We roll up our sleeves and stand with you the trenches, working to achieve your goals – the only standard by which we measure our success.

Reliable Advice

We’re always mindful of the responsibility we bear towards our clients who entrust us with their business’ future. The advice we offer is always fact- based, evidenced by proven success and aligned to your strategic objectives.


We’re business owners, just like you. We’ve suffered sleepless nights, struggled to hold together teams and sweated to keep a business alive. We bring genuine empathy to all we do – because we’ve been there too.

Sensible Strategy

We’re here to offer you strategies you can action: practical, understandable and fact-based. As business consultants and coaches, our job is to empower you with realistic solutions, not bamboozle you with bull.

Tailored To You

We approach each business problem with fresh eyes and free of preconceived ideas about what solution is needed. Because every business is as different as the vision of the people behind it which we work to bring to full fruition.

Get in Touch

We empathise with every struggling company that comes to us. Let our experience be your comfort. Email us now.

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